Happy Thanksgiving From the Green’s House to Yours

In the wee hours of the morning on Thanksgiving Day Mrs. Green puttered around the kitchen as quiet as a mouse. Ampersand stood at attention close by, hoping to catch a crumb or morsel from the humongous mixing bowl on the counter. Mrs. Green spun the bowl, scraped the sides, stirred the batter and spun the bowl again.

Mr. Green slept in until the heavenly smell of chocolate rose up the stairs and encircled his sleep. He came into the kitchen just in time to help put the last of the cakes in the oven. To some Thanksgiving meant pumpkin and apple pie; however Mr. Green was most thankful for chocolate. So Mrs. Green adapted and the mini chocolate cakes she made every Thanksgiving became a sweet tradition for the Greens and all their family and friends. They filled the cakes with rich, creamy gnash and each one had a curvy chocolate leaf placed gently on top.  Mrs. Green lined her entire counter top and the dining room table with the tiny molds.  It was quite a production.


One year Mrs. Green decided to calculate the cost of the cakes she delivered to all of the Green’s friends and family on Thanksgiving Day. After all, the Greens lived on a tight budget. Before she finished her calculations the numbers rose higher than she had ever imagined. She stopped what she was doing, put her calculator away, and got out her mixing bowl. Mrs. Green had never counted the cost of her family and friends and she was not about to start now.



Whatever your Thanksgiving traditions may be, we wish you a peaceful Thanksgiving filled with all the people you are thankful for.