Creative Blogger Nomination

Wire Sculpture by Fantacywire

I am happy to be nominated by Til Turner ( for the Creative Blogger Award. I have found that blogging requires a good bit of bravery, humility, and vulnerability and yet the connections that are formed in this community inspire me to write on like no other connections I have ever made. I sincerely Thank you for the nomination Til.

As part of the nomination I have been asked to share five things about myself. I found it hard to limit myself to five things, so I lumped quite a few things all together.

I love chocolate, steak, pickles on sandwiches, cupcakes over cake, a really good new recipe, ginger ale, lilacs, butterflies out my kitchen window, Jane Austen, and writing the very beginning of a great story.

Now I nominate five other blogs that I highly suggest you check out.







2 thoughts on “Creative Blogger Nomination

  1. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your refreshing stories, Terri.

    Mary Anne Krenk
    (Mother of Laura Offenbacher)


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