Mrs. Green Learns to Relax


Mrs. Green got up early on Saturday morning. She dressed in her comfortable and wide yoga pants, t-shirt and fleece. She filled up a bottle of water and went out the door to yoga. She met Sylvia in the cold and ice covered parking lot and they hugged and hurried into the warmth of the church basement.

The yoga class was full of women of various ages. Sylvia and Mrs. Green got yoga mats and placed them side by side. Soft music was playing. The instructor, Ginny, read a passage in the devotional book, Jesus Calling.

Ginny’s voice was soft, yet it resonated through the room. As Mrs. Green stretched and concentrated on her breathing her thoughts were less scattered. The list of chores and hustle and bustle began to fade from her mind. She began to feel like herself.

Yoga was not easy for Mrs. Green. She nearly fell over onto Sylvia twice while doing the downward dog. It wasn’t just the balance and the physical demands of the class. It was a different kind of challenge than any other she had in her daily life. For that one hour per week Mrs. Green had to slow down and concentrate on herself.

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