Mr. Green Builds A Snowman

Every winter Mr. Green waited for the perfect snow. There were many qualifications for a perfect snow. It had to be deep; deep enough to roll a substantial snow ball. It had to wet; wet enough for the snow to really stick together. It had to be compactable; this was a word Mr. Green made up.

Mrs. Green often asked Mr. Green if the snow was just right. Because every year Mr. Green built a snowman. Everyone looked for the snowman. Everyone waited and wondered. Would there be another snowman in the Green’s yard? Mr. Green would not be rushed.

Friends visiting in March reminded Mr. Green that this could be the last snow of the year. Mr. Green was not concerned. He seemed to know about these things.

When they did get a deep enough, wet enough, compactable kind of snow, Mr. Green built a snow man. It was never an ordinary snow man though. He was Mr. Green, after all. The snowman always resembled a dear friend.


The first year Mr. Green did a self portrait.


The year Carson was born Mr. Green’s skills had improved.


Sylvia and Sam have a picture of this one on their mantle.


This year Juliette squealed with delight when she came to visit Mrs. Green and found this sitting in the front yard.

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