March Puddles

It was March, and Mrs. Green began to long for spring. She was very busy, but on cold March days Mrs. Green found herself gazing out the window. When Mrs. Green was a little girl her mother said she had spring fever worse than any child she had ever known. So Mrs. Green’s mother used to put her to work in March, and Mrs. Green had kept up the tradition.

In March Mrs. Green dusted the insides of the kitchen cabinets; she vigorously shook the rugs watching the dust fall like sparkly spring rain on icy snow.  Mrs. Green washed sheets and towels, rarely used from the back of the linen cabinet.

Mrs. Green didn’t mind all the hard work. She was getting ready for opened windows and doors, birds singing, and flowers. She liked it when the March rain washed away all of the dirt on the snow. She was sure the March rain was getting the ground ready for spring.

Sometimes a good March rain and a few birds singing made Mrs. Green feel just like she did when she was a little girl. She felt like celebrating a little. So if you happened to see a dignified woman, in big rubber boots, recently pulled out of spring storage, stomping in big March puddles, in the grocery store parking lot, feel free to stomp right along with her. She is just imagining it is spring.

Statue, Garden Statue, Bronze, Umbrella

Stomp in the puddles and get ready for spring!

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