Late Night Laughter with Sylvia and Sam

It was late Friday night and Mrs. Green had had a wonderful time. She did not want it to end. So the Green’s invited Sylvia and Sam to come over to the little cape cod after dancing at The Old Mill.

Sylvia and Mrs. Green were the best of friends. They had known each other for many years. Sylvia had a way of bringing out a certain silliness in Mrs. Green. They had their serious times, but most of the time they were together they were laughing.  Things were especially funny to Mrs. Green and Sylvia after 11:00 p.m. or so. They were a little tired and a little bit punchy by this time, so things just seemed funnier.

Mrs. Green and Sylvia sat side by side on the sofa in the living room. They had a hard time talking because they were laughing so hard. Sylvia was telling Mrs. Green about a telemarketing call she had gotten. Sylvia and Sam got a lot of these calls and Sylvia  often turned the call into a humorous situation. Sylvia kept trying to get the story out and kept having to stop to wipe the tears from her eyes and catch her breath. Mrs. Green didn’t even know what was so funny about the story but seeing Sylvia laugh always made her laugh as well. They were both laughing so hard they could hardly speak.

Mr. Green and Sam went into the kitchen for some snacks when the laughter started. They thought their wives were funnier on a full stomach.

Sylvia managed to tell the story in between burst of laughter,

“When I realized they were a potato chip company asking me to take a survey, I decided to play along. I answered all thirty six questions about my potato chip preferences in the loudest voice I possibly could. By the time I was finished giving them my opinions on salted potato chips the neighbors could hear me! When I asked the man if he had gotten all my answers he said, ‘Oh yes. You were loud and clear.”

Mrs. Green had tears in her eyes from laughing so hard. She and Sylvia walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water and they both burst out laughing. Mr. Green and Sam could not imagine what was so funny. Sylvia and Mrs. Green were bent over laughing. They tried three times to tell their husbands what was so funny. All they could manage to get out between the burst of laughter was,

“You are eating potato chips!”

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