Mrs. Green Takes On Lent


Many years ago Mrs. Green had decided she would take things on instead of giving things up for Lent. Over the years she had taken on many things, like exclusively calling her wrinkles smiles lines, listening to music whenever she did housework, reading only positive books, and setting aside some quiet time every morning. All of these things had positively changed her life and she continued them after Lent was over. Mrs. Green’s very favorite thing she took on for Lent was leaving her front door unlocked.

The Green’s lived on a one acre lot in a sweet and comfortable cape cod. They had no children of their own and yet they made friends with every child they ever met. Children of all ages came and went in and out of the Green’s house for music practice, tutoring, or any number of crafts and projects. Mrs. Green called it visiting.

The Green’s home was on the way to, and the way home, from the elementary, middle, and high school. Most of the children in the area walked a bit less than a mile to and from school everyday. The Green’s house was on the way, and it made the perfect stopping place for a snack, to get warm, or just to visit.

Many years ago Mr. and Mrs. Green decided the front door would be unlocked for Lent. The dessert plate would be full, and The Green’s would welcome anyone who wanted to come in and visit, whether the Green’s were home or not.

Mrs. Green had been running errands all day. It was colder than normal for this time of year. Mrs. Green drove her sturdy old Rolls Royce, that Mr. Green had reworked for her time and time again, named Rosy, all around town. The wind blew her into in the dry cleaners, the grocery store, Target and back home again. When Mrs. Green arrived home after 3:00 she was happy to see  her dog Ampersand had been tucked into his favorite warm, soft, quilt, on the comfortable chair in the living room. She was happy to see a pile of shoes warming on the vent by the stairs near the front door. She was happy to see ten familiar faces, of all different ages, eating cookies, and getting warm, in the kitchen.

Mrs. Green was so happy she had decided to take things on for Lent.


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