The Snow Plow

Mr. Green was so excited. He had a new snow blower and it had snowed. On went his ugly hat with the very large ear flaps, his wool gloves, his blue parka, and his overshoes. He started up the snow blower just fine and was so impressed with the eight foot spray of snow that spit out of the blower as he walked up and down the driveway in front of the little cape cod.

Mrs. Green wanted to help with the snow. She liked being outside in the fresh air.  She put on her purple fleece hat with the flowers on the side and her cable knit, cream-colored scarf, and her warm boots.She walked outside and up the driveway towards Mr. Green. The snow blower was loud. The engine roared and Mr. Green seemed to be humming a tune along with it. Mrs. Green could not get Mr. Green’s attention. Every time she was about to tap him on the shoulder he turned. He really didn’t see Mrs. Green because of the ugly hat with the very large ear flaps. He really didn’t hear Mrs. Green because of the loud engine and the humming. So Mrs. Green grabbed the broom to sweep away the snow on Rosie, the old Rolls Royce Mr. Green had reworked for her time and time again.

Mr. Green was in his own world and did not see Mrs. Green. He did not hear Mrs. Green and he did not know Mrs. Green had come outside. He did not know that as he turned the snow blower around he had showered Mrs. Green with snow. He did not know he had knocked her over and snow was hitting her in the face like a pie at the county fair. Mr. Green did not know Mrs. Green was laughing and calling his name as he turned up the driveway for another pass. Mr. Green did not know that Mrs. Green was not hurt but on her hands and knees laughing so hard she couldn’t get up. Mr. Green did not know that Mrs. Green dusted herself off, went back into the house.

Fireplace, Fire, Screen, Warm, Heat

When Mr. Green came back into the house he found Mrs. Green by a warm cozy fire and he said,

“I did not know you were going to start a fire, my dear. I am surprised. You love coming out in the snow to help. Did you see the spray of snow from the snow blower?”

Mrs. Green giggled, she warmed her face by the fire and said,

“I certainly did!”

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