Mrs. Green Paints the Plain, Ordinary, Basement Door

It was sixteen degrees outside. The Green’s had no plans for the day. Snow was predicted by all the weathermen. School was out for Presidents Day and Mrs. Green was not expecting any visitors.

Mrs. Green sent Mr. Green out for a few goodies to snack on in case it snowed. He was happy to oblige her. Mr. Green was known to love snacks. As the door closed behind Mr. Green, Mrs. Green waited for the sound of the car leaving the driveway.

Mrs. Green rushed to the basement and gathered some things. Mrs. Green was a free spirit. She was much more comfortable being a free spirit when  Mr. Green went to the store for snacks though. She took the things up to the kitchen, put on an old shirt to cover her clothes, took out her paints and looked at the basement door. The door was as normal as any other basement door. It was in the kitchen and it was white and opened and closed just fine. Yet Mrs. Green wanted it to be much more than an ordinary basement door.

She squirted the paint out of the tubes and swirled and mixed and began to paint a picture right on the plain, ordinary basement door. She remembered an art teacher she had in high school. Mrs. Diamond always said,

“You should feel the paint on the brush and fill the canvas.”Oil, Yellow, Painting, Flower, Sunflower

Mrs. Green swooshed the paint. She scooped up the paint. She slathered the paint on the plain, ordinary, basement door. Mrs. Green knew she was not an artist but that was okay. Mrs. Green knew who she was and what she was good at. Knowing this left her free to enjoy things like swooshing the paint and feeling the paint on plain ordinary basement doors.

Mr. Green also knew what he was good at and when he returned from the store with snacks he was glad Mrs. Green had been a free spirit when he was out.

Mr. Green had his snacks, Mrs. Green had felt the paint on the brush and filled the “canvas”, and the plain, ordinary basement door was transformed.

Sunflower, Sunflowers, Bunch, Yellow

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