Happy Valentines Day

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It was very early in the morning. Neither the sun, nor Mr. Green were up. Mrs. Green rolled around town in Rosy, the old Rolls Royce that Mr. Green had reworked for her time and time again. She was quiet as a mouse as she tiptoed up to Sylvia and Sam’s door. She was completely silent as she left a package for Juliette. She was like the wind when she left Carson’s house. She was undetectable when she flew out of Steve, Mike, Evelyn and Sue’s driveways. Before sunrise Mrs. Green had been all over town and back.

It was cold. Mrs. Green tiptoed into the little Cape Cod and greeted Ampersand. He jumped up on his hind legs and seemed to smile at the sight of Mrs. Green. Mr. Green had a mug of hot chocolate waiting for Mrs. Green. He handed it to her and said,


Mrs. Green took the hot chocolate and cupped it in her hands. She took a long warm sip and felt the warmth all the way down to her toes.

“Of course, my dear.”

Mr. Green smiled. “You have told me before, but tell me again. Why bubbles on Valentines Day?”

Mrs. Green handed Mr. Green his coat and hat. He helped her with hers. Mrs. Green took Mr. Green’s hand and they walked out to the back yard. The sun was just coming up. Mrs. Green handed Mr. Green a bottle of bubbles. He opened the cap, took off the foil seal, fished out the bubble wand and blew a group of bubbles into the cold winter air. They floated up into the sky. Ampersand jumped up and bit one in his mouth.

Mr. Green dunked the wand in the bubble solution and held it for his wife to try. They stood watching the bubbles float up into the sky. The opalescent colors danced around the bubbles and then, like a miracle, popped into thin air.

Mrs. Green said,

“Bubbles are like friends. They float into your life and make you feel all is well with the world. They lift you up, make you smile, stir your imagination, and bring out the best in you. Bubbles seem like impossibility in a very possible world. Bubbles give you hope.

Mr. Green blew a few more bubbles into the air.

“You do have a way of seeing things my dear.”

On that very cold Valentines morning, as the Green’s came inside to warm up, they were sure they saw bubbles rising up into the sky from some of their very good friends houses.

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