Times Tables

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Mrs. Green grabbed her packages from the car looked up at the sky and felt snowflakes falling on her face. She was so pleased to see the snowflakes because the sky had looked like rain. She rushed into the little Cape Cod and looked at the time. She had to hurry to get everything ready. All the children in the county had a half day of school and she not only had music practice today, she also had Carson coming over.

She wanted some extra special snacks today. She pulled out some fudge and cookies and milk. These were Carson’s favorites. She thought he might need a little cheering on today.

She arranged the plates just as she heard a knock at the door. Mike, Steve, Evelyn and Sue tumbled into the warm living room and  took off their hats and coats.  Mrs. Green told them her plan and they warmed up at the piano. They reviewed and reviewed the songs they had learned from Mrs. Green a long, long time ago.

When Carson walked in the door he barely looked at the teenagers. Mike, Steve, Evelyn and Sue were casually eating cookies in the kitchen. Carson walked into the dining room, plopped his backpack on the table, sat down on the chair and folded his arms.

“Mrs. Green, it is not fair! I can’t learn all of um. Do you know they want me to memorize all of the times tables? All of them! All of them! I got up to three! That should be enough! There are a lot of numbers up to three! I can figure out the fives in my head, but four, six, seven, eight, and nine! I can’t learn all that!”

The teenagers kept casually eating their cookies. Mrs. Green did not say a word. She handed Carson a cookie and  walked over to the piano and began to play. One by one the teenagers began to sing the answers to the four times tables to the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel. Steve held out his fingers, showing Carson he was counting on them.

“Four, eight, twelve, sixteen, twenty, twenty four, twenty eight, thirty two, thirty six and forty!”

Carson looked up with his mouth wide open.

Mrs. Green did a little ching a ling on the piano keys and began playing another song. Who Let the Dogs Out. Sue started this time, singing off the answers to all of the six times tables to the tune.

“Six, twelve, eighteen. Who let the dogs out! Twenty four, thirty, thirty six. Who let the dogs out! Forty two, forty eight, fifty four. Who let the dogs out! Sixty!”

Now all of the teenagers were getting into it. They began dancing and singing along to the times table songs Mrs. Green had taught them when they were Carson’s age. Mrs. Green kept going. She played another transition on the piano and then started playing Mary had a little lamb. All of the teenagers were holding their fingers out showing Carson they were counting and keeping track of the answers. Mary had a little lamb never sounded so cool as the teenagers sang in four part harmony.

“Seven, fourteen, twenty one, twenty eight, thirty five, forty two, and forty nine, fifty six, sixty three and seventyyyyyyy!”

Mrs. Green was getting into the music now. The group was all warmed up. Carson had walked over to the piano and was in a much better mood. He was tapping his foot along with the music. Mrs. Green began to play, Cotton Eyed Joe. Carson and Sue began doing the motions to the song and everyone joined in. They all sang at the top of their lungs!

“Eight, sixteen, twenty four, thirty two, forty, forty eight, fifty six, sixty four, seventy two, eee ee ee eeee eeighty!”

They were all dancing around the room now. Mrs. Green stood up and kicked the piano bench out from under her. Mr. Green came up from the basement and sang along. Even Ampersand howled when everyone started singing the nine times tables to, I Love Rock and roll!

“Nine, eighteen, twenty seven, thirty six, forty five, fifty four, sixty three, seventy two, eighty one and nii iinteey.”

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