Sylvia’s For Tea

Tea, Black Tea, Glass Jug

Mrs. Green often said she had the best friends in the world. Her friends knew it was because she had perfected the fine art of being a good friend herself.

On Sunday afternoon Mrs. Green drove Rosie, the old Rolls Royce, to Sylvia’s house for tea. Sylvia and Mrs. Green had started the tea tradition long, long ago when they were little girls. As they grew in life and years, it had become a practical way to celebrate birthdays, and special occasions. You needed very little to put together a tea; the tea itself, some cake or biscuits, sugar and cream.

Mr. Green, and Sylvia’s husband Sam, were always invited to tea. They had learned over the years, tea was better left to the ladies. Every tea started and ended the same way. They spoke of  books and current events and life in their world and ended up laughing hysterically.  Mr. Green and Sam found other things to do together when the invitation for tea came.

Mrs. Green and Sylvia had tried to be serious. They were both well read, intelligent, interesting, women with a quick wit and excellent timing. Perhaps that is why they were so hysterical. Sylvia had known Mrs. Green for a long, long time. Mrs. Green knew all of Sylvia’s secrets. It did not matter how the conversation started, it always ended the same, with tears in their eyes and doubled over in laughter.

At Sylvia’s tea parties Mrs. Green did not drink much tea, but it sure felt like a celebration.


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