Mrs. Green Was Exhausted

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Mrs. Green moved the extra pillows off of her bed, folded down the covers and climbed in. She covered herself in her warm, thick down comforter and let all of her muscles relax. She was exhausted.

It was the kind of exhaustion that came from getting up before the sun. It was the kind of exhaustion that came from meeting two hundred teenagers and their parents in the high school cafeteria very early on a Saturday morning. It was the kind of exhaustion that came from assembling submarine sandwiches for a marching band fundraiser.

Some might say that volunteering to slice lunch meat and cheese on a Saturday morning was a waste of time. Some might say that since Mrs. Green did not have any children of her own she didn’t need to give up her precious Saturday morning. Some might say making submarine sandwiches with high school students didn’t make any difference.

Mrs. Green fell fast asleep. She knew she was exhausted for the best possible reasons. She knew she was exhausted from laughing so hard tears came to her eyes. She knew she was exhausted from listening to troubles and triumphs. She knew she was exhausted from feeling like she had all the energy of a sixteen year old, if only for an afternoon. She knew she was exhausted because teenagers gave her more than she could ever give them.

Mrs. Green was exhausted, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.


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