Happy Birthday, Mrs. Green

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It was Mrs. Green’s Birthday! She woke up early to the sound of Mr. Green tiptoeing into the bedroom with a tray full of breakfast goodies. It was a tradition at the Green’s house to fix breakfast in bed for the birthday girl or boy. Mrs. Green sat up, stretched and gave a big yawn.

“Ampersand has been out for a walk and been fed.” Mr. Green put the tray in front of Mrs. Green. He pulled a red rose out of his back pocket and placed it on the tray next to the french toast, bacon and orange juice and sat down on the bed.

“Thank you Mr. Green. Everything looks scrumptious!” Mrs. Green unfolded the napkin and placed it on her blanket in front of her.

“I have a day full of surprises, so eat up. You will need your nourishment this morning.” Mr. Green loved to plan surprises and Mrs. Green loved to be surprised so it all worked out rather well.

After breakfast Mrs. Green got dressed and walked down the stairs. Mr. Green took Mrs. Green by the arm, walked her over to the door, helped her on with her coat and said, “Close your eyes my dear.”

Mrs. Green closed her eyes and Mr. Green led her gently outside. He guided her a little way down the front path and said “Okay. Open your eyes.”

There before Mrs. Green was the sweetest three wheeled bicycle she had ever seen. It had a big basket in the back and a little basket in the front. Ampersand jumped right up into the front basket and wagged his tail.

Mrs. Green was stunned for a moment. She had always loved riding a bicycle as a child. There were countless pictures of her as a young girl riding up and down the street in front of her house.

Mrs. Green wasted no time. She sat right down on the bicycle seat, rung the shiny bell, and began riding up and down her street. “Thank you my love!” She yelled over her shoulder. “I adore it!”

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