Music Practice

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Mr. Green walked into the little Cape Cod and found the usual goings on for a Wednesday afternoon. It was a very windy day in February. All the windows in the kitchen and dining room were open on the back side of the house. The wind blew the lace curtains into the dining room. The house was very cold so Mr. Green kept his coat and hat on. Mrs. Green was playing scales on the piano and 4 teenagers were in the back yard singing as loud as they possibly could up and down the scale.

Mrs. Green projected over the piano keys, “Listen to each other. You have to out sing the wind!”

Mr. Green thought nothing of any of this. He went to the cabinet took out a glass, opened the refrigerator and poured himself some milk.  He walked into the dining room waved his hand at the teenagers singing loudly in the backyard, kissed his wife on the head at the piano bench and walked back around the living room and into the kitchen.

Mrs. Green walked over to the window and shouted, “Let’s try the medley.”

The two boys and the two girls each sang a note matching the one Mrs. Green played on the pitch pipe. She waved her arms out the window to signal them to begin and the teenagers began singing in four part harmony.

Mrs. Green drew her hands up in a circle stopping abruptly with her second fingers and thumbs touching together and her hands way up above her shoulders. Her body was halfway out the window. The singers became silent. She held her hands perfectly still, popped her head back into the window and said,

“Mr. Green, I promised milk shakes. Can you oblige me?”

Mr. Green had a mouth full of cookies and without looking out of the snack cabinet he nodded his head.

Mrs. Green continued conducting and the singers continued on in four part harmony.

The song ended and Mrs. Green gave them the come on inside signal with her hands. She shut the windows and went over to Mr. Green and got a warm me up hug. Mr. Green had already scooped the ice cream and milk in the blender. The cold teenage singing crew walked in the back door, rubbing their hands together and stomping their feet to get warm.

Their names were, Mike, Steve, Evelyn and Sue. The group of four had been friends since they were in Kindergarten. They sang all the time and about everything and it was fun for Mrs. Green to come up with new singing challenges for them each week.

Mike watched Mr. Green pour chocolate syrup into the blender and sang,

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Steve joined in with “Iiiiiiiiice creeeeeeeeam!”

And Evelyn and Sue finished off with “Mihihihihilllll Sha aaaaaaaakes!”

It was always a lively afternoon when the quartet practiced at the Green’s house.

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